“What is That in Thine Hand?”

When Moses stood in front of the burning bush, he was over 80 years-old, a shepherd in the desert, and watching over the flocks of his father in-law, Jethro. From a worldly perspective, we might say he was too old, out of touch, and lacked the experience to lead a nation of a million people out of captivity. But in God’s sight, Moses was finally ready for the greatest work of his life.

Consider that Moses had been raised in the royal court of Egypt, was aware of the suffering of the Hebrew people, had been desert-tested, and most importantly, was considered the meekest man on the Earth. (Num. 12:3) From God’s standpoint, it took 80 years to form the character of Moses into one He could use to lead His people out of Egypt. God is able to read the heart and thus, select those best suited to serve Him and His purposes. “For man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.” (1 Sam. 16:7)

Even Moses was unsure of his own abilities. Once he understood what was being asked of him, he raised several objections. First, Moses did not think he was the right person for the job. God responded, do not worry because He would be with Moses (Exod. 3:11-12). Second, Moses said the Israelites would not believe him unless they knew who had sent him. God said to tell the Israelites that “I AM” had sent Moses – the God of their fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Exod. 3:13-15). Third, Moses said the Egyptians would not believe him. God responded, “what is that in thine hand?” God performed miracles with Moses’ rod and hand that would show the power of the almighty God. (Exod. 4:1-8) Finally, Moses said he wouldn’t know what to say. God cleared this objection by selecting his brother Aaron to be his spokesman. (Exod. 4:10-15)

We know that God does not need us in His service, but He wants us to serve Him. For those called to serve God in whatever capacity, the LORD will find the best way in which to use our talents. We simply must be humble and willing.