Our Heavenly Father

Mortal words cannot describe the majesty of the Heavenly realm. Attempts to define the glory of infinity are futile. How can finite flesh and blood commune with the spiritual and divine realities with any degree of comprehension or appreciation?

What are the means God has employed to help fallen man understand who He is and what His character is like? The way he chose was to devise a plan for man’s future which would be in accord with his nature and character. This is evidenced in our ability to discern the invisible by the visible (Ps. 2,19; Rom. 1:20; Col. 1:16). The very creation, and nature itself, give silent testimony to the magnitude and glory of such a God. This physical, inanimate evidence, even without the spiritual, results in our worship of his greatness and power.

However, there are additional attributes that can only be discerned by the outworking of God’s divine plan for humankind as shown in his word, the Bible. There, these attributes are graphically portrayed so that all will recognize the nature and character of man’s destiny.

As we understand and develop increasing faith in that word, God’s character is revealed, and can be summarized by his four attributes of JUSTICE, WISDOM, LOVE AND POWER (Ps. 89:13,14; Isa. 46:10; John 3:16; Eph. 3:9,10; 1 John 4:8,16). Each attribute is infinite but is governed by the other attributes. Accordingly, God’s power is limited by the other attributes acting in unison. Adam was created perfect and by sinning, he plunged all his progeny into death. God’s justice required a ransom as a means of reconciliation (Matt. 20:28; 1 Tim. 2:6). It was supplied by God’s love in sending his Son to die as the corresponding price.

The harmony of all God’s attributes is planned by divine WISDOM, and in unison they demonstrate his nature and character. Thus, the Divine Plan that God has arranged for man reveals the invisible spiritual reality to mortal finite humanity.

We are blessed as we pattern our living in accord with these principles of Godliness. Thereby, we are able to reflect the glory and majesty of our Heavenly Father. 

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