Was There Any Risk in Jesus Becoming Man’s Redeemer?

Yes, Jesus risk his eternal existence when he was made flesh and laid that perfect human life down as a ransom for father Adam. The apostle Paul writes in Heb. 5:5-10 (Philips): “Christ, in the days when he was a man on earth, appealed to the one who could save him from death in desperate prayer and the agony of tears. His prayers were heard; he was freed from his shrinking from death but, Son though he was, he had to prove the meaning of obedience through all that he suffered. Then, when he had been proved the perfect Son, he became the source of eternal salvation to all who should obey him, being now recognised by God himself as High Priest “after the order of Melchizedek.”

Jesus had to be faithful in his earthly sacrifice for the father to raise him from the dead. Jesus concern about his faithfulness led to his being grieved and distressed in the garden of Gethsemane. (Matt. 26:37) The apostle Paul explains this more fully in Phil. 2:8-9 (NASB): “Being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. (9) For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the name which is above every name, (10) so that at the name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth.” God raised Jesus from the dead and highly exalted him because Jesus was obedient to the death of the cross. 

Jesus need to be faithful unto was the reason why Satan opposed Jesus so vigorously attempting to deceive and stumble him  through the temptations in the wilderness (Matt. 4:1-11) and then incited the Jews, chief priests, scribes, elders and even the robbers to mock him and dare him to come down from the cross (Matt. 27:39-44).

Because Jesus’ overcame, he sat down with the Father in His throne. (Rev. 3:21)

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